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The world of international finance is our passion. With unparalleled expertise, we navigate this domain to ensure your success.

Financial information is a matter of trust

We have been financial market experts from the very beginning: Since 1947, we have been providing data and information services for companies – supporting them to make value-creating decisions. This is how we contribute to the success of our customers and the further development of the financial markets.

Reliable, trustworthy and always highly relevant to your business success – that is what characterizes our products and services made in Germany. This includes the Börsen-Zeitung and WM Datenservice.

Central to our success are our employees. Our workplace fosters trust and informality, promoting an agile and demanding environment. Diversity is ingrained in our culture.

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Management of WM Gruppe

Mirjam Puetz Vorsitzende Geschäftsführung WM Gruppe
Mirjam Pütz

Chairwoman of the Management Board



Antonio Novillo Suarez

Managing Director

Torsten Ulrich
Torsten Ulrich

Managing Director