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At WM Datenservice, financial data is our passion. With over 75 years of experience, we've been analyzing markets and equipping our customers with the insights they need for success.

WM Datenservice

Financial data for your success

In the realm of investment decisions, reliable data is paramount. WM Datenservice stands as the foremost data and service provider in the financial sector. Over our extensive history, we have meticulously observed and analyzed markets, identifying opportunities and emerging trends. Our commitment is to furnish customers with the most crucial and trustworthy data for their securities endeavors. As a versatile service provider, we continuously enhance our analysis tools and services to meet evolving needs.

Our products

The information you need, how you need it, when you need it. Our products and services, made in Germany, are continuously developed by us and can be customized to suit your needs. Utilize data sources you can rely on.
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

WM Datenservice is an accredited issuer of the Legal Entity Identifier, the international identifier for participants in the financial market.

WM Hub

The WM SRD Hub provides issuers and intermediaries with a secure platform solution for shareholder identification in compliance with SRD II / ARUG II.

Whitepaper Digitale Assets

While digital assets currently hold a modest position in the global financial system, their influence is steadily expanding. This evolution not only prompts questions but also presents significant future opportunities.


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