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Börsen-Zeitung stands as the cornerstone media brand for financial decision-makers in Germany, delivering market intelligence in a journalistic format day after day.

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Lead medium for the financial markets

In a world where markets evolve rapidly, the ability to navigate becomes a critical competitive edge. Börsen-Zeitung provides this advantage: each news item is meticulously selected, every analysis is well-founded, and every report is factual and verified.

For over 70 years, Börsen-Zeitung has been providing its readers with reliable knowledge for informed decisions. With a modern online presence, podcasts, and newsletters, our offerings extend beyond the printed newspaper.

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- BZ Digital subscription

Prefer digital over paper? Our digital subscription offers Börsen-Zeitung as an e-paper the evening before, along with full access to boersen-zeitung.de, the archive, and our securities information system.


Access stock market knowledge in three formats: Sustainable investing – a podcast about ESG. #7TageMaerkte – the weekly preview. #Nachgefragt – the podcast on the Börsen-Zeitung Corporate Finance Award.

Newsletter Closing Bell

Stay informed about what’s moving the financial markets and what you need to know for the next day with our new newsletter „Closing Bell,“ delivered every evening by our editors-in-chief.


Börsen-Zeitung LIVE

Events. Made in Germany since 1985.

We provide specialist knowledge tailored to your banking and capital market needs. Whether through exclusive in-house training courses, online seminars, or specialist conferences, our events offer practical, up-to-date insights directly implementable in your operations.

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